Treatment For Piles In Men

Are you suffering from external piles? Then you should know that certain foods can cause your external piles. Certain foods just dont agree with some people, while the same food dont bother other people. External piles can sometimes be cured by eliminating certain foods and by eating more of other kinds of food. 1st, let us examine some foods that you should avoid to help you eliminate your external piles.

One of the prime causes of piles is constipation. This results in pressure exerted on the rectum veins due to the hard stools. When these hard stools are passed through the anus area, the person needs to exert, causing excessive external pressure on these veins resulting in the birth of hemorrhoids.

Start going through the piles. This will take time. As you go through them, you WILL feel more organized and probably find papers that you forgot about in the first place.

Another piles treatment that can be considered is the use of Ginger. Here are the directions for using ginger when it comes to piles. You need to take a half teaspoon of ginger juice that is freshly made along with fresh mint and lime juice. You could add a tablespoon of honey. This is considered to be very effective in piles treatment.

It has always been said the prevention more info is better than cure. This rule or slogan also applies for piles remedies. Piles can be prevented and this is a better approach than curing it. Curing piles is a waste of energy and money. To treat piles, it is generally advised to blot the anal area with wet tissue paper. Be careful not to rub it because you will only aggravate the hemorrhoid.

External Piles - These are seen outside the anal opening and are covered with skin. As you can see in the picture, they appear black or brown. These can be painful because of the many nerves in the area.

It is important to realize that if none of these hemorrhoids treatments work, your piles (hemorrhoids) are more advanced and you should go visit your doctor to find out the next step to take. In some more advanced cases a treatment called rubber band litigation might occur. This is when a tight band is put on the base of the piles to cut off the blood flow. Then in about a week, the piles will dry up and fall off.

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